Abbie Branding Board.jpg

Abbie Biscoe

Abbie and I have been friends for over 16 years, and when she asked for help with her branding I was super excited to work with her; I love collaborating with other women in business and the fact that we have been friends for so long makes it an extra special project for me.


We wanted to create a logo with a sense of balance, quiet strength and calm; three things that Abbie brings to her yoga practice. I based the design on the image of balancing stones and used a cool/earthy colour palette to evoke that calming vibe.

I had such fun doing Abbie's branding, one of the funniest things was when I set her 'homework' of collecting together images that she wanted to represent her brand; firstly she was surprised to see that she was subconsciously drawn to circles a lot and also a lot of marble, secondly the funniest thing she sent me was a picture of a set of draws. We were both laughing so much about it, her reasoning was simply that she just liked them, and I had pictures in my mind of how I was going to work this chest of draws into a logo.

Normally with businesses I work with the company is different to the actual owner, so with their branding you have to focus on what their ideal client would be drawn too and not what the owner likes. In Abbie's case she is the brand because her clients are essentially 'buying' into her as a person, so I wanted her branding and logo to represent her as a person.


We then did a Branding shoot, so Abbie would have plenty of stock photos to chose from for her social media. A mixture of portraits, arty detail shots and poses so she can explain in detail how to achieve certain yoga poses.