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"Fully Fledged Art has been born from a sense of urgency I am sure many other wildlife enthusiasts are familiar with. From checking in with charities such as the RSPB, WWT and Birdlife International, to watching the latest nature documentaries from David Attenborough they all have one thing in common ; The fragile state of the natural world needs us to act, but we need to act before it's too late". Dani is the artist behind Fully Fledged Art, and when I heard about her story and her passion for art I knew I wanted to get involved and help her create her vision for her branding.

It was a great project to work on, I love when people aren't afraid of colour and Dani's choice of working with the CMYK colour palette and being inspired by the Pop Art movement was a great basis for the logo, the bright colours and bird theme really gave it such life and joy.

We were both very happy with the final look, and feel that it really draws your attention, an important factor considering her art is for such a good cause.

Rachel is a super talented lady and really got on board with what I was after. Super professional and fun to work with, she came up with so many quirky things that exceeded my expectations. She brought my ideas to life and I now have a beautiful logo and branding board that I am excited to use and share. I have already recommended her to a few of my friends!

Dani, Fully Fledged Art

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